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Chicken Fun

Hey there!!!

It's been a minute, Right??

Soooo many home projects and my garden and life, have had me pretty occupied.

But, somehow I found the time to bring back a blast from the past with my mosaic chickens! Woot-Woot!! Or should I say Bawk-Bawk or Cluck-Cluck!! LOL!

Anyway, some time during the pandemic, I was digging through my studio and found an unopened box from our move, which was a few years ago, not sure how I missed it and there in that box was one of my mosaic chickens I had made years ago.

I don't know why, but I loved it more now than I did when I first created them. I promptly brought that chicken inside and hung it on my kitchen wall near my coffee pot. It brings me pure joy every single day.

If you'd like some chicken joy for yourself, pop on over to my shop section and take a look. I've added 5 chickens, because y'all know that is my number, AND because this is the first day of my birthday month, I've put them on sale for 5 days! The sale will end at the closing day of 11/5, which is my actual birthday.

Until next time (hopefully it won't be so long),

Peace & Plant Flowers


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