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Costume Fun!!!

I've been working at a feverish pace on our costumes for Mardi Gras Day and they look fabulous, if I may say so myself. I'm thankful for the many hours of work these costumes have created, as it has helped occupy my mind a little bit. The troubles of the world and a personal situation are creating a lot of anxiety and sadness in my body again. ~SIGH~

Anyway, before Mike and I reveal our costumes this coming Tuesday, March 1, I thought I'd share some of the costumes we've worn over the past years to several different events. I giggle when I look back at them. We sure do have a lot of FUN!! I'm glad he's always willing to take part in whatever I come up with. This year he asked me to add something to his costume which is going to have y'all laughing hard!! LOL!! He's so funny!

Here's our blast from the past: (that last pic I added with the face masks is a reminder of the times and that masks are not always fun, but sometimes necessary).

There you go and that's not even all of them lol!

I hope you enjoyed!

See you Tuesday morning!


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