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We Only Have One Planet Earth

Good Sunday Morning!

Do you Love rainbows, sunshine, flowers, puffy clouds, blue skies, bees???

Me too!!!

It's what inspired my newest mosaic heart, "We Only Have One Planet Earth", now in my shop. Word beads read: BEES ARE LIFE and PLANT FLOWERS.

I'm often looking for ways that I can make changes in how I live in order to reduce the effects of climate change. Sometimes I feel like I'm making a difference and sometimes I feel like I'm not.....but I keep trying.

I really wish corporations would step up more. I mean, do we really need our products packaged in layer upon layer of plastic???


When I ship my mosaics, I try to wrap them in "used" bubble wrap, but even that gives me guilt. If y'all have any ideas or suggestions for a more sustainable wrapping solution, I'm all ears. I do stuff the boxes with loads of newspaper, along with the bubble wrap, maybe I could try wrapping the mosaics in several layers of newspaper and see if they arrive at their destinations safe. Ugh, so nerve wracking (mosaics take a million hours to create), but better for the environment, right??

Anyway, just thinking out loud.

On that note, I must bid you adieu, as I've got a super busy day today. I hope you have a fabulous Sunday and a good week.



Plant Flowers


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