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A Turquoise Sun

Between the ages of 10-14, I spent a lot of time in my room.

Even back then, I loved to "hermit", plus, my childhood years were...........brutal....broken.....but I'm not going to get into that here, except to say, it's why I either spent hours upon hours in my room, which is where the turquoise sun comes in or I hung out at a friend's house.

One day as I lay on my bed listening to music and gazing at the wall (I think I was around 13), I thought, that wall sure could use a Happy Sun on it. Then I thought, I could paint one! I had no paint, so I went searching our house for some. All I could find was a gallon of glossy turquoise house paint and decided it would have to do. I needed that Happy Sun!

So, I painted that Happy Sun on my wall, but sadly, it didn't turn out how I had imagined it. You see, the only paintbrush I could find was a big one for painting the house. My sunshine looked sloppy and drippy and I couldn't get the face right with that huge brush. I was so disappointed. After a couple of days of looking at it, I hung a poster over it and forgot about it.

Well, it seems that was just the beginning of painting stuff on my walls. Once I became a homeowner and had the freedom to do whatever I wanted with my home, I started painting all kinds of things on the walls. It made me happy! It still makes me happy!

Also, thank goodness I married someone who doesn't care what I do with the house, otherwise, I just don't think it would work out. Mama needs what she needs!

Anyway, I have BIG plans for our current house. I've already done some painting and added mosaics to it, and I'm not even close to done.

I thought I'd share some of what I've painted so far.

Lately, I have spent a few late nights with the gator, which is my most recent addition. He's about 9 feet long and is near our dining table. He needs a name. He may also get a friend and/or some flowers in front of him.

These flowers are painted in my office/library/sewing room/small art studio area. You have to pass through it to get to the front of the house.

Because old houses have very little closet space and because we have many costumes for Carnival Season and Mardi Gras, we made one of our bedrooms into a closet room. Here's some of the fun I added in that room

And one last one to share, the spare bedroom

I didn't include my outside painting. I'll do that another time.

But as you can see, when I say I nest, I really NEST!!

It calms me, my bubble. It also brings me happiness.

Until next time,



Plant Flowers


p.s. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Here's Mike and I at a parade in New Orleans.

We had a BLAST!!!

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1 Comment

Apr 21, 2022

Michelle, you brighten my day everyday!

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